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Teaching Qur’an to Children below 7

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I found these notes in one of my personal documents and I can’t remember where I got them from. But nonetheless, they are beneficial and effective as I have tried most of them with my own kids so here it is.

1- Listening

  • Let them listen to the Quran at an early age by reciting in front of them or letting them listen to the recorded audio of a recitation
  • Recite the Qur’an daily before bed (mainly the 3 Quls and Ayatul Kursi which are Sunnah)
  • Recite the surahs that you have already memorized while doing housework, while playing with your kids etc.

2- Repeating and memorizing

  • When they show interest in following you, you can begin guiding them to repeat after you for memorization
  • Let them continue the ending parts of the verse
  • provide positive reinforcement (e.g. acknowledging, smiling, hugging etc.)
  • This can be as early as when they begin to talk
  • Start with the short chapters, like surah al-Fatihah and juz amma from the back (i.e. beginning from Surah an-Nas)
  • Read them together daily and informally

3- Understanding

  • When they are a little older, and able to understand, teach them the meanings of the verse
  • Share it’s tafseer according to their understanding
  • Ponder upon it’s meanings together
  • Teach them the the Arabic vocabularies from the Qur’an  (Download 80% Quran vocabulary)

4- Tajweed

  • Teach them the tajweed without  its technicality by simply modelling it’s recitation to them and saying out the name of its ruling (e.g. this is a mad letter so we read it a little longer like this…)

5-Make it enjoyable!

  • Keep it short and enjoyable when teaching the Qur’an to your kids at this stage


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