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Learning About Prophet Musa [FREE PRINTABLE STORYBOOK]

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Just a few days ago, I had the opportunity to plan out a playdate that is themed around the stories of the prophet. I decided to choose one of my favorite stories, the story of Prophet Musa (alaihi salam). The playdate had children ranged from ages 1 to 5 years old.

Listening to the story of Musa

The first part of the program was storytelling. I chose a book titled “The story of Musa” by Goodword Book but unfortunately did not manage to get hold of it. And so I decided to make my own little storybook to print it out.

The book is available for download in my free resource library

I volunteered to read the book myself too and quickly regretted it.  I mean, I rarely read to a crowd of kids along with adults (i.e. the mothers). But alhamdulillah, with lots of encouragement from some of the lovely sisters, I pulled through. Apart from my trembling hands, it wasn’t really that bad I guess. Plus, I had Muhammad to accompany me when I stood in front to read.

Stick painting activity

Inspired by the staff of Prophet Musa which could turn into a huge snake and split the sea by the will of Allah, I thought that an activity that included sticks would be perfect. And so, stick painting it is. It was an easy setup.

We just needed paint, brushes, paper plates and sticks.

Well, I didn’t do the set up actually. The lovely sister who usually hosted the playdates prepared it all for us mashaAllah.


The older kids were carefully painting designs on the sticks, while the younger ones explored with the materials in their own messy and unique ways. Nonetheless, they were all thoroughly engaged in the activity alhamdulillah.

Exploring by the shore

Oh did I mention we did all these by the beach? Yup, we did alhamdulillah. So most of the kids ended up by the shore exploring the waves, throwing sticks and stones, playing with sand, and catching the waves.

MashaAllah, it was such an enjoyable day for the kids.

Free play while learning about the prophets

Kids learn so much when they are allowed to explore on their own. The more I attend such playdates, the more I realize that this is how learning should be especially for younger kids. Lots of free unstructured play, and a safe place for them to explore. I’ve realized that when planning activities around a theme, we must not let it bound us. Rather, we should let the theme inspire us to think of activities that will invite our children to play and encourage them to explore.

Special thanks to Sis Afiyah and sis Zeinab for letting me plan this round of playdate. May Allah bless them both.

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