Little Muslim Handbook- Manners of a good muslim

It's time to raise a child of good manners and character

If there is one thing we should start young, it's character building. Teach your kids about sincerity, humbleness and honesty through this interactive, cut and paste book- designed for children to cultivate good character based on authentic Islamic teachings.


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4 reasons to love this book

Cut and paste fun

memorization of hadith

Print and Go

Credible sources

10 essential topics

Be sincere
Be nice
Follow a bad deed with a good deed
Leave off things with no benefit
Speak Good
Speak the Truth
Do not be angry
Do not harm others
Do not be arrogant
Love goodness for others

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What others are saying about this

"The manners of a good Muslim printable book is so well done. I go through a couple sections with my kids every night. What you said about the importance of teaching the kids their Islamic manners first really resonated with me..."


u.p: $12