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  • Personal use includes your own children and students
  • No selling of our free resources on other platforms whether digitally or physically
  • I prefer that you share my free resources with others via our website where they can sign up to gain access to our library
  • However, if you need to share our free resources directly with others, you may do so. This means that you can send them our digital files directly be it via email or other channels (updated: June 2020)

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My Daily Manners HADITH COVER
Hadith Compilation of Daily Manners and Supplications (NEW)
The virtues of ramadan
The Virtues of Ramadan
The story of Musa
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Alphabet Search
Juz Amma tracker
Juz 30 Tracker
16 Hadith for Kids on Building good character
Hadith on Good Character
My Solah Kit
My solah kit
Manners at the masjid Kit
Manners at the masjid
Manners of Eating Cover
Manners of Eating
Sadaqah Kit for Kids
Sadaqah Kit
Arabic Alphabets poster
Arabic Alphabet Poster
Email lead cover
Tawheed for Kids
Ramadan book cover
Ramadan Book
Laylatul Qadr Storybook
Eidul Fitr Storybook
Arabic Alphabets sample 1
Arabic Alphabet Templates
7 Days of Play
7 Play Ideas for Kids
Ramadan tracker
Ramadan Tracker
Managing anger with sunnah
Managing Anger with Sunnah (Poster)
Why is there a virus
Why is there a virus?
Facts about angels
Facts about angels

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