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Teaching kids about the angels of Allah [Free Printable]

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About a year ago, I was involved in a Ramadan program for kids and made a book explaining about Laylatul Qadr. However, there was a gap. I realized that a lot of kids do not really know much about the angels. And so I have decided to make a simple printable flipbook explaining to kids about the different characteristics of angels.

After all, the night of decree involves a multitude of angels coming down to earth as mentioned in surah al-Qadr. By explaining to kids how special and amazing angels are, it will insya’Allah help them understand the reality of this special night!


This is the book I made last year. You can download it in my free resource library. along with the little flipbook on angels shown below.

Teaching kids about the Angels based on authentic sources

The facts gathered in this printable flipbook are taken from the book “The world of the Noble Angels” by Umar S. Al-Ashqar [PDF]. This is an excellent book which has references from the Qur’an and authentic ahadith, as well as explanations by scholars of ahlul sunnah wal jama’ah.

It is also an easy read and will probably take you only a few days to read through. And subhanAllah, I have learned a whole lot just from going through parts of the book in one sitting. So do refer to the book to read further about the topic before you teach this to your kids insya’Allah.

Printable Flipbook explaining to kids about the Angels of Allah.

So here is the free printable. Do not hesitate to share it around. May it be a source of continuous good deeds for us. Allahumma Aameen!

Facts about angels [PDF]



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