The ultimate resource pack to inculcate Tawheed and Good Character in kids

It's time to raise a child of good character and sound aqeedah...

We all want our children to grow to become a well-mannered person who is mindful of Allah. It all starts with tawheed and character building. This is the go-to resource pack that will help you to do exactly that bi’iznillahi ta’ala.

*This is a digital downloadable copy, no physical product will be shipped.*

Why you will love this bundle

Hands-on and interactive

Covers important concepts Comprehensively

Easy prep- Print and Go

Credible sources

What's inside...

Tawheed Pack

#1 Guide for parents
#2 Learn tawheed with nature
#3 Hands-on activities to teach Tawheed
#4 Cut-and-paste book that covers concepts of Tawheed

Manners of the Muslim Handbook

*This is a digital downloadable copy, no physical product will be shipped.*

I totally get it...

I know it can be overwhelming when you are trying to raise your child right. I know because many parents have asked me the same question. What do I teach my kids first? How do I teach them about Islam? I asked myself those questions too and realized that ultimately, we only want them to grow up to be a righteous servant of Allah. This is why I decided to create resources focusing on 2 essential topics- Belief in Allah and Good Character.

Here are what educators and parents are saying...

"Well detailed, and self explanatory! The activities are integrated- combinations of Islam and art, science which includes language is simply amazing! Among all , I love the activities to teach my Tauheed as I feel that could be extended depends on the creativity of the parent and it is very versatile for all age groups."
Early Childhood Educator
"I love the experiments that I can conduct with my children! It teaches to the children to use their senses, introduces colors and I must confess that I am actually in loooovvee with this set!"
Alec. N
Teacher and Mother of 3
"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work that you do. The manners of a good Muslim printable book is so well done. I go through a couple sections with my kids every night. What you said about the importance of teaching the kids their Islamic manners first really resonated with me..."

*This is a digital downloadable copy, no physical product will be shipped.*

Take a look inside...


How will I get my resource bundle?

  • You will get the link to the digital file where you can instantly download, right after purchase. An email with the download link will also be sent to you.  The resources will be in a zip file where you will have to extract. No physical product will be shipped.

Do I need a printer?

  • Ideally, yes. However, you can still make use of the bundle as a guide to teach your kids. Some lesson plans also does not require printing.

Can I share it with others?

  • You cannot share the files with others digitally (for example, via whatsapp, email). However, you can print the copies and share it with others.

How many copies can I print?

  • You can print as many copies as you like as long as it is for your personal use (for your children or students). 

Can I sell the printed copies?

  • No, you cannot sell it without our permission. However, if you wish to publish our products and sell it, you can always contact us at

 Do not hesitate to reach out to me for any enquiries at

*This is a digital downloadable copy, no physical product will be shipped.*