Tawheed for Kids Pack

It's time to raise a child of sound aqeedah

Ever wonder how to inculcate sound aqeedah in our children through engaging and hands-on activities? This is the ultimate learning resource pack to engage your kids in learning about the first pillar of Islam- Belief in Allah.


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*This is a digital downloadable copy, no physical product will be shipped.*

4 reasons to love this bundle

Hands-on and simple

Covers concepts of Tawheed Comprehensively

Print and Go

Credible sources

covers 3 essential concepts of Tawheed

  1. Understand Tawheed of Allah’s Lordship (Tawheed Rububiyyah)
  2. Understand the concept of worshiping Allah alone by (Tawheed Uluhiyyah)
  3. Introduction some of the names and attributes of Allah 

What's in the bundle?

#1 Parents’ guide

A quick guide for parents to understand the way to teaching kids Tawheed. Includes recommended books for parents to read.

#2 Activity plans + Teaching aids

Hands-on activity plans that focuses on the different aspects of Tawheed (Rububiyyah, Uluhiyyah, and Asma’ was as-Sifat) with printable teaching aids

#3 My nature journal

Effortlessly inculcate the first pillar of iman as your child explores nature. Includes 15 hands-on activities, stories of the Prophets, and also some of the important names and attributes of Allah.

#4 My Tawheed Cut and Paste Book

An interactive notebook for your child to learn about the basics of Tawheed. Concepts are presented in a simple way with beautiful illustrations. Cut and paste fun!

Here are what educators and parents are saying...

"Well detailed, and self explanatory! The activities are integrated- combinations of Islam and art, science which includes language is simply amazing! Among all , I love the activities to teach my Tauheed as I feel that could be extended depends on the creativity of the parent and it is very versatile for all age groups."
Early Childhood Educator
"Another outstanding resource. The lessons are very clear and easy to understand for young children and the materials are beautifully presented...."
"I love the experiments that I can conduct with my children! It teaches to the children to use their senses, introduces colors and I must confess that I am actually in loooovvee with this set!"
Alec. N
Teacher and Mother of 3


u.p: $24