Tell me what you need!

Assalamualaikum to all the lovely mothers and teachers.

About a year ago, I sent out an email to find out more about what you need to help serve you better. I then went ahead and set up a platform – NURTURE by Ummi And Kids

The goal of this platform is to provide information and resources to help mothers bring out the best in their children’s early years whether in terms of their Islamic upbringing, development or learning.

Alhamdulillah, early this year, I launched the first part of the project called Nurturing Natural Learners which is a little course that I created to help mothers learn more about how to support their children to grow into confident and competent learners. Alhamdulillah the course is live and open for enrolment anytime.

The second part is called Nurture Studio where I would like to share a library of quality Islamic resources. I have not launched it yet and would love to find out more what type of resources you would like to see inside. So do fill out the form below. Barakallahu feekum!

Notify me when Nurture Studio is live!

e.g. Teaching kids about Manners, Tawheed, Pillars of Islam, Islamic-integrated Unit Studies, Thematic Learning, Islamic-integrated resources, Stories, Activity ideas, Cut-and-paste etc.
e.g. Islamic Parenting, Early Learning, Child Development

Notify me when Nurture Studio is live!