Tell me what you need!

Assalamualaikum to all the lovely mothers and teachers.

When my first-born just turned 2, I began to wonder what is the best approach to home-educate him while integrating Islamic values and meeting academic goals.

Truth be told, even though I used to teach in a kindergarten, I feel as overwhelmed as any other first time moms who are looking into homeschooling their own kids. I know experienced homeschooling mamas always advise us, newbies, to not sweat it and just go with the flow. But I feel that I could accomplish more if I organize my resources and whatever that I have learned about children’s development in one place.

Just like you, my goal is to facilitate my child’s learning to the best of my ability and raise them to be righteous Muslims. So I decided to create a platform to organize my resources in a succinct manner and share it with other like-minded mommies.

Right now, I am currently setting it up and working on creating the resources. And so, I need some of your feedback so that I can cater to your needs too.

Barakallahu feeki!


Ummu Muhammad: I have a 5-month-old baby and a 2-year-old
e.g. reading, math, teaching them about Islam
e,g. Islamic resources, activity books, storybooks, a curriculum
I'm from Singapore!